Hockey at its best at Magna May 22nd, 2024 Posted By: Art Bevis

New Direction Hockey is back and well into the summer season, 2024. Once again, the Magna Center is our host. This will be a celebratory year, as we commemorate 15 seasons at Magna. Teams play weekly until the awards banquet on the 26th. of  August, 2024.

Every division is completely sold out, with a waiting list. Along with A, B, C, & D divisions,WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY EXPANDED OUR 35+ DIVISION AND IT TOO is sold out.

The NDH Team rep and new player meet and greet, was well attended by you all, on *Monday, April 8TH. at The Knights Arms Pub, 16925 Yonge St., Newmarket. Once again, I thank you for the support.

NDH is So thankful to the Town of Newmarket, my fantastic Convening staff, Chief Referee and great officials at NDH and of course YOU, the player! 

Thank you all for your ongoing support, and confidence in New Direction Hockey.

Stay safe on and off the ice.and I hope to see you all this summer for another amazing hockey experience.

Art Bevis

Connor McDavid - NDH PROUD May 3rd, 2024 Posted By: Art Bevis

Connor McDavid continues to amaze. His on and off ice professionalism shows that he is not only the best player in the NHL but he is truly a gentleman with class all the way. Connor has played summers with NDH for several years and was back again in 2023. Last summer was Connor's seventh summer season with New Direction Hockey, We didnt see Connor in 2019, as he was rehabilitating from his horrendous injury at the end of the 2018 season. His great play and positive attitude, along with his tremendous support of New Direction Hockey has inspired so many other great names from Pro hockey that have chosen to come and play some puck with us week after week in Newmarket. Great players such 2024 TEAM CANADA SELECTION, Arizona Coyotes superstar, Jack McBain, Dallas superstar, Jason Robertson, Arizona Coyotes latest aquisition, Travis Dermott, Vacouver Canucks 4th round selection, Jordan Subban, World juniors 4 goal scorer and first rounder to the Flyers, Morgan Frost, the Av's Captain, Gabriel Landeskog, Ryan Murphy, Darren Archbald, Phil Giuseppe, Malcolm Subban, and James Livingston have chosen NDH to play summer hockey with us. We are also very proud to announce that our very own DYLAN SIKURA WAS ONE OF THE TOP PROSPECTS TO CANADA'S 2018 OLYMPIC TEAM and played for the Blackhawks in the 2019 Outdoor Classic hockey game at Notre Dame Stadium. It was sad to see  Josh Leivo  traded from the Leafs. He was a big supporter of NDH. We have 2 NHL CAPTAINS, several World Cup and Olympic athletes that have played in the league. We would also like to congratulate NDH all-star and World Cup u18 GOLD medalist QUINTON BYFIELD, who also plays with us .... what an honour!!  Its great fun watching the caliber of hockey that is played in our TIM HORTONS - PREMIER ELITE division on Wednesday nights. Come check it out.... 

We, at NDH, certainly wish great success to all the players that are reaching for the stars in so many hockey cities in North America, and hopefully we will, once again, see all thes tremendous athletes year after year with New Direction Hockey at the Magna Center. Good Luck !!


Thank You SLEEMAN BREWERIES Mar 20th, 2024 Posted By: Art Bevis

Please continue to frequent the following "Watering Holes" - Remember to SUPPORT SLEEMAN PRODUCTS       

TINAS GRILL -  330 McClennan Way - Tina's Grill – Bar and Grill (tinasgrill.com)

THE LION PUB - 1091 Gorham St. -     Home | Lion Pub and Grill    

WICKED EATS15570 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1P2 - HOME : Wicked Eats

SNEAKERS UPTOWN AT 18025 Yonge St., Newmarket        

TOM & JERRY’S BISTRO at 17335 Yonge Street, (905) 853-2345) IN NEWMARKET

St Louis Bar and Grill – 17074 Leslie St. www.stlouiswings.com

AW SHUCKS -15230 Yonge St, Aurora -  www.awshucks.ca

BALDWINS RESTAURANT -  www.baldwinsrestaurant.com

THE GREY GOAT - thegreygoatpg@gmail.com

ROCKFORDS - rockfords@live.com 


No league like NDH :) Jan 14th, 2024 Posted By: Art Bevis

In these unprecedented times, we will continue our summer hockey programs in 2024, again playing at The Magna Center in Newmarket. MAGNA is one of the finest facilities for Ice Hockey anywhere and we are proud to be part of the team there in the summer months. Along with a top notch facility to play out of, New Direction Hockey is dedicated first and foremost to the safety of its players. This means strictly enforced non-contact hockey with a zero tolerance policy. We provide a competitive league in a safe and friendly environment for people who have to go to work in the morning. Please carefully read and familiarize yourself and your team with our rules.

Men's Adult Hockey programs are organized from a select few Ice Hockey facilities in and around the G.T.A. The emphasis is usually based on the numbers' game, with very little importance geared toward quality. Most Hockey teams are now recognizing this and are searching out for the best available place to play. Loyalty and dedication from a full team of quality people lays a strong foundation to a successful Men's League. It is my goal to enhance that reputation and maximize our standing with as many hockey players possible.

The New Direction Hockey philosophy has a very positive reputation in the recreational hockey industry and has been in operation for several decades. Along with a team of quality people that, together, we have over 80 years of experience in the "sphere" of recreational hockey.

In the G.T.A. the industry is a lot smaller than you may imagine. Recreational Hockey in the GTA is a very tight group. Team reps do their homework in this day and age. They want service, service, service and GOOD VALUE. They want the right people to provide this, and they know who is good and who is not. Teams and reps need a "heads up" as to the quality of people running their night out with the boys.

Hockey programs build successfully with the needs of the players being first and foremost. I remain confident that our high level of success will continue for us in this industry. I will continue to direct my energy toward a common goal of an unconditional commitment to you, to continuing to represent the best organized Men's Recreational Hockey Program in the G.T.A. I am forever grateful for your undying support.

With Sincerity,

Art Bevis
Compare and register on line at www.newdirectionhockey.com


NDH hats look great eh?? Jan 30th, 2022 Posted By: Art Bevis

New Direction Hockey!

Absolute Zero Tolerance Jan 30th, 2022 Posted By: Art Bevis

Don't forget to remind all your players that if they lose their mind on or off the ice, they will lose the priviledge to play hockey in this league. Teams learn very quickly that we mean business.

If you have any members of your team that you think may be an issue early or later in the schedule, tell them to stay home NOW.   They will embarrass you down the road, trust me !!


stopconcussions.com Jan 30th, 2022 Posted By: Art Bevis

New Direction Hockey has joined in support with Kerry Goulet and Former Philadelphia Flyers captain, Keith Primeau. www.stopconcussions.com
“With the increase in concussions and neurotrauma injuries, www.stopconcussions.com was created to educate parents, players and coaches in all sports in order to give sport back a conscience, to protect athletes worldwide.” Please link onto the site and begin to understand how fatal that this injury can be to you and to your family.......Play safe!!